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How to Calculate Percentile Score

  Let’s assume your percentile score is to be calculated and then you can get your percentile score by the given formula which has also been illustrated below:

                       Percentile score = { (Number of people who got less than you or equal to you + You) / (no. of people appearing in the exam) } x 100
Thus, if in an exam, 50 people appeared in the test and 39 people scored either less than or equal to what you scored, your percentile score is:
                                                                                   {(39+1)/50} x 100 ={40/50 x 100}= 80 percentile.

And in same examination or test if nobody has scored either more or equal to you’ve scored (means rest other 49 aspirants have lower score than you) then your percentile score will be: {(49+1)/50} x 100 ={50/50 x 100}= 100 percentile.
        It is being used in CAT and many other such entrance examinations. Thus, the higher percentile, the better marks but, it is different from percentage and so, percentile gives an idea of RELATIVE performance with others and not how high you scored out of the total marks.

                                                             Score= (No. of People who scored ≤ You’ve Scored) ⁄ (No. of People appeared) x 100
                                                             Higher the Percentile Higher the Relative Performance